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Reflecting and connecting and sharing stories with a stranger.

I’m on bus traveling to my daughters on much needed holiday. I’m on this journey of self discovery and learning to see life differently, I’m about inner peace, balance and been around postitive things, my wee house is my sanctuary. I have outgrown things and people and in place where I need to protect myself and that’s ok, particular people are been drawn to me, I find my self talking to a complete stranger and seeing the world a little different.


As I look out the window and pass through cities and towns, the animals,endless hills rich in different greens, old buildings that are just holding on I think) about what history does that house hold, the urupa’s (Maori tradition cemetery )where deceased people lie,seeing snow capped mountains you just realize how beautiful our country is and we are pretty lucky here in this country.

Mount Raupuhu

I’m sitting at the bus stop for lunch, three men and my selves all having lunch chatting away, sharing stories about our lives and where we heading to.

First man he called him self a traveller always moving as he belives life to short to be stuck in one place, he openly talked about his failed marriage and he has couple sons, he has drink driving charges and having a bourbon as he chats aways he asked me this once question ❓❓ why is that the NZ justice system always favour the woman, he’s had one charge and been treated unfairly, i had no answer but I had to agree to him some degree.

Second guy he moves around NZ for work as he’s a shearer, born in NZ been living in Australia he knew it was time to come home, openly talked about his past addictions like P and drinking.

Third guy older gentleman had this awesome sense of humor and belives in karma, gone through some tough times, he use to play rugby with Colin meads a famous rugby player back in the day.

Three different people with different lives and there battles with addictions they choose me to share their stories and as we parted ways we shared a handshakes, friendly hug and the words safe travels all the best.

Life’s about living and continuesly learning, we all have our journey and our own stories. Sometimes we forget or get caught up with other people’s opinions to actually talk with people not judge them just listen because sometimes that’s all that person wants is bit of time to feel heard and that one conversation could be there highlight of their day why because we don’t know their story.

When your out and about stop take in your surroundings and breath in gratitude and when you see someone say hi, give them compliment, have wee chat less judgement more kindness needed.



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